Vote April 4th, 2023

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April 4 is just around the corner. We have the opportunity to elect a constitutional judge to the WI Supreme Court and conservative and transparent school board members to our local school boards

School Board Candidates

Colfax School Board

Denise Solberg
  • Parent of 4 children who attended Colfax Schools for 15 years.
  • 7 1/2 years working with teachers, students and aides in all grades.
  • Has a degree in Criminal Justice; uses communication skills to deescalate.
  • Conservative values; ready to speak out and stand strong for kids and parents.
  • KEY ISSUES: School safety; Parents voice and choice; Mental health; Administration accountability; Antibullying program.
  • School is about empowering kids to thrive in our community and giving them tools to succeed, thus rewarding the community.
  • Board’s responsibility to our kids is to make every decision in their best interest.
  • WHEN ELECTED will prepare a “Kids Talk to the Board Day”.
  • Will not play “follow the leader” with board members…will represent community views.

Denise’s Website

Menomonie School Board

Scott Parker
  • Transparency,require teachers to post curriculum and assignments online
  • Withdraw from the NSBA,this national organization doesn’t understand our local challenges and our local tax dollars should stay local
  • Emphasize Constitution Day, Require the schools in the district to place an emphasis on teaching the constitution to all students on Constitution day, September 17th
Brittany Weiker

I am Brittany Weiker and I am running for school board. I was born and raised in Menomonie. I attended Menomonie school district and graduated from the high school. I started dating my husband while in high school. We continued our education in Menomonie and graduated from UW-Stout. I have a major in business administration. I have managed multiple businesses within the community.

I have two children that currently attend Menomonie Middle School. I would like to support the teachers and staff that have been so amazing throughout the years they have spent with my children.

I support competitive compensation for good teachers. I would help create a fiscally responsible budget during a time when the schools funds are being decreased. I would like the opportunity to offer new ideas and perspectives to the board. I have been a lifelong community member and I would like to see our community continue to thrive. The best way to do that is by giving our kids the most opportunities to succeed.

  • Fiscal Responsiblity
  • Supports Teachers
  • Improve Education Experience

Wisconsin Supreme Court

Justice Daniel Kelly

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